Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Asarco Cleanup on Pace to Finish in 4th Quarter of 2015

Remediation on the former Asarco site is on schedule and should be completed by the end of 2015.

The 465-acre site will be ready for sale at that point, and the trustee overseeing the cleanup, Roberto Puga, hopes it will be sold in its entirety to one developer.

The $80 million remediation project includes installing a 5-foot topdressing of "monofill" material on the 116-acre portion west of Interstate 10, to make it ready for future development.

Read the story at the El Paso Inc. website.


  1. Hello there EPD-Wire :)
    How spacious is that land?
    Can a Disney put there a theme park, since sixflags is alreay in texas. Putting there a Disney theme park with a Disney Hotel resort would be amazing, given that Disney has one in the west coast and another on the east cost. Therefore, El Paso tx is in the middle of the U.S. and would a be a giant success and that would start a new era in El Paso.
    However, a six flags would not be bad, with a 5 star hotel or a soccer stadium.
    At the end of the day, El Paso needs to feed off from the new downtown ballpark and create tourist attractions.
    Imagine bringing a Disney theme park to El Paso,tx, that would create so much tourism and business all around the city.
    Remember, if Disney, Six Flags, Seaworld wanted once El Paso, then lets go t them.

  2. How about make a survey what El Paso wants. There is the options of six flags, a Disney theme park, sports arena or soccer stadium, new Utep stadium,Texas A&M university,resort.
    I think El Paso tx has the land from east to west to make anything but the Asarco land can be a catalyst to El Pasos future.
    Plus, El Paso still has cohen stadium that can be transform into anything, like a music pavilion.
    But imagine how much tourism El Paso tx would feed off from a disney theme park.It would create tons of attention to El Paso, tourism, business and JOBS.

  3. In reply to "Viva Sun City", there is no where near enough space for a disneyland or six flags theme park. The parking lot alone would barely fit in such a small area. I went to Six Flags in San Antonio and that parking lot was massive! Could probably cover 8 football fields all together! Perhaps a training field for the El Paso Chihuahuas would be better suited?